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Do you feel like you're drowning in clutter?
Have too much paperwork?
Or unsure what to pack?

Then welcome to
The Organized Dane!

Your tough-love Clutter Manager here to help you regain control of your stuff!

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My services

Workshops & Presentations

My workshops help make the often-tedious process of sorting your paper into a social event! Bring your boxes of disorganized paperwork and socialize as you each purge and sort your own paper. I take care of all recycling, trash, and shredding, so you go home with only the stuff you need to keep!

$250 for facility/organization OR $50/person

Do you have a group that wants to learn more about what a Professional Organizer/Clutter Manager does? I can tailor a presentation to any group on any of my specialities.

$50 up to 1 hour, $20/hr for each additional

Do-It-With-You Organizing

This service is where I help you, in your home or office, purge, sort, and organize your stuff.

To start with, I require a 2-hour "Working Consultation" in which I come to your location, we talk about your problems, goals, and timeline, then I share ideas and even do some light work if time permits. This can be a stand-alone service (1 time only) or as the start to working together regularly.

$75 for 2 hours

If you need more help than is covered in that 2-hour consultation, then we'll go to my normal hourly rate of $50/hour for as many hours as it takes to meet your goals.

Misc Services

I have many connections that can get items to those in need, or dispose of them properly.

Accepted FREE of charge:

  • Ink & Toner cartridges
  • Medication
  • Small electronics
  • Makeup
  • Books
  • Clothes

Accepted for a small fee:

  • To-Be-Shredded Paperwork ($1/pound = $25/bankers box)
  • Lights ($5 per container)
  • Batteries ($5 per container)

Fine Print

Services and Prices are subject to change without notice. But all current contracted clients will remain at contract signing rate until end of calendar year.

Misc services are sent to me at your expense, may be dropped off at a market, or be a current client.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can fill out the form below and I will get back with you - to either schedule a consultation, or let you know that we aren't a good fit.