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Collectible Books

The wide variety of books include:

  • 1st editions
  • Signed copies
  • Limited and Special editions
  • Antique and Vintage books

If there is a book in the list you want to see that isn't available for immediate purchase online, please contact me. I can bring anything to a market for you to buy in-person, or I can send an invoice and ship directly to you

Tucson Festival of Books Information









I will be in booth #445

That is on the north side of the mall, facing south, just to the west of Cherry Ave. Right in front of the space science building (near the planetarium)

$ = available online
* = at markets

@ = at AZ Artisan Creations

X = 50% off

The below information is no guarantee of stock. If you see a book listed here that isn't in my inventory list, that simply means I haven't had time to remove it from this list, or am planning to look for it again at my various sources (but again make no guarantee I'll find it).

If you are having trouble viewing the above embedded lists, you may also view them by clicking the buttons below.

We are a Book Sanctuary!

A Book Sanctuary is a physical or digital space that actively protects the freedom to read. It provides shelter and access to endangered books, and can be created by anyone and can exist anywhere.

You can find many of the "original" banned books within my inventory, and by shopping with me you show your support for the Freedom to Read'em!