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I was born and raised in Indiana. Growing up I always wanted to be a veterinarian and own a clinic so I attended and graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Animal Agribusiness and one class shy of a minor in Biology (in 4 years too!). During my time at Purdue, I realized that vet school wasn't my dream, but I still wanted to work with dogs, so I worked in the doggie daycare/kennel industry for 4 years after college.

After 27 years of the Midwest, I moved to beautiful Tucson, AZ with my father. Shortly after the move, I decided that working in the kennel industry wasn't my dream either. So I decided to start my own business - and The Organized Dane was born! And then Defense Power, then MSEdits (which as been closed down to make room for...), and most recently A Good Story!

I am the sole caregiver to my father, in the early stages of Alzheimer's/MCI/we-don't-really-know-what and now macular degeneration which made him quit driving. His mother died from Alzheimer's when I was 16, so I grew up watching him care for her. Both my mother's parents also have various dementias. Because of the extensive family history, I was very active in and am still a big supporter of the Alzheimer's Association. I've attended numerous education conferences, support group facilitator training, and have an extensive library of materials.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, being outside, and dogs. My most recent dog (put down in September of 2022) was a 60-pound brown fuzzball of a mutt, but Great Danes are my favorite (catch the business name?). I used to volunteer for a wonderful non-profit that sold collectible books - Tell Me A Good Story. They decided to retire and offered me their impressive inventory. And that's how A Good Story started. Impact of Southern Arizona and Women Warriors also hold special places in my heart so I do what I can to support them.

Personality tests show me as the Banker, Innovator, Ruler, Sage, Deliverer, Time-Keeper, Virgo, Dragon, etc… You get the picture – I’m a tough-love, naturally-ordered, head-strong person. Which may seem overwhelming, but all of it benefits you!

So what makes me great to work with?

Personal Background

My family background of Alzheimer’s and being a former Alzheimer’s Association support group facilitator translates into compassionate care and insider knowledge of downsizing - helping sort through a lifetime of memories (either yours or a loved one’s).

My Situation

My current situation of having 3 businesses AND being a family caregiver means I have first-hand, insider knowledge of the stress you’re under. I know how to manage and keep track of multiple schedules, and many ideas so you know you are “on top of” everything with a simple glance.

My Personality

My tough-love, say-it-like-it-is personality will help you cut through the emotional baggage and make those hard decisions. I won’t let you sit in the closet and cry for three hours over one pair of jeans (which saves you money, too!).

My ability to analyze situations then invent new solutions and systems means you won’t get a "cookie-cutter" system. It will be tailored to you – your needs, your items, your budget, your lifestyle!

My natural ability to see risk builds protection and gives you the peace-of-mind that your important papers and sentimental items will be safe, for years to come.

Skills and Certifications

Licensed and Insured

Numerous personal federal background checks

Business background check


CPR certified

Profitable Organizer's Training Program

LinkedIn Learning's Excel Tips & Tricks

Business Connections

Women Owned Business Club

Connecting Point

Tucson Beyond Business

Tucson Professional Organizers

Social Connections

Alzheimer's Association volunteer

Tell Me A Good Story volunteer

Women Warriors volunteer/Board member

Start-up investor