COVID Policy

I am operating as usual - no special procedures in place

I strongly believe that one's medical history is no one else's business and that everyone has a right to do what is best for them. I don't need (or want) to know your vaccination status and I don't mind if you wear a mask or not while working together, but if you require a mask and/or vaccine for anyone working around you please look elsewhere for in-person services.

My store (products for sale) and
Do-It-For-You packages are open and available for everyone.

Oops! Sorry!!

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Since a vast majority of my events are outdoors, I only attend as the weather permits. If it's too windy, too hot, or raining, I will not attend for the safety of myself, my products, and my customers. The best way to know if I will be at a questionable event is to text me the day of.

Acceptable items for recycling:

  • ink & toner cartridges for FREE
  • broken or just-old small electronics & accessories for FREE
  • medications for FREE
  • hearing aids for FREE
  • make-up for FREE
  • books for FREE (within reason)
  • CDs, DVDs, games for FREE
  • To-be-shredded paper for a slight fee (within reason)
  • Light bulbs and Batteries for a slight fee